Chess Openings Wizard - Tutorial Videos

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How to play the Black side of 1.e4 How to use the Open Game II ebook, a repertoire for Black after 1.e4
Order the Open Game II ebook featured in the video
How to handle moves that are not in an ebook What to do when your opponent plays a move that is NOT in your ebook.  How to get quick advice from the chess engine in the free Lite version of Chess Openings Wizard.
Order the London II ebook featured in the video
New Repertoire How to open a new ebook and start an opening repertoire.
How to view two ebooks at the same time.
How to navigate through the moves in an ebook (basics).
Transpositions How to resize the ebook window.
See a demonstration of Chess Openings Wizard finding transpositions.
How to add diacritics (?!) to moves.
How to flip the board
Printing Diagrams How to print high quality diagrams.

Ebook Videos

Scandinavian How to learn an aggressive defense against 1.e4 for Black using the Scandinavian repertoire ebook by Zhigen Lin.

Advanced Videos

  Training Wizard How to use the Training Wizard to test yourself on your knowledge of your chess opening.  
Turning PGN files into ebooks How to create your own ebooks on any opening from PGN files of master games that are freely available on the web.
Game Databases Can studying only grandmaster games make you... delusional?!
Backsolving How to find the critical line(s) automatically.
Audio Annotation How to record your voice and the changes you make to the board so that it all plays back like a movie.
How to setup endgame or puzzle positions.
Overnight Analysis How to analyze your opening repertoire.
Game Statistics Tirade
How using a game database (ChessBase, Chess Assistant, MasterChess) with statistics can... mess you up!

Testimonial Videos

Becoming a Master with the London II Ebook How Kevin Mulloy became a correspondence master using the London II ebook.

There are more videos coming.  Suggest one in the support forum.

Chess Openings Wizard is based on Bookup 2000 so you can watch the older tutorial videos of Bookup 2000 as most of the functions are similar.