Unrecoverable error makes C.O.W Pro unusable.

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Unrecoverable error makes C.O.W Pro unusable.

Postby DarthFrog » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:31 pm

C.O.W. Pro, Build 81

I was about to set up a position, after pressing "Clear" when I mistakenly closed the window. Now C.O.W is unusable, as every action only throws up a modal window about an illegal position (no Kings). I cannot get past this, closing the modal window does no good for it re-surfaces again constantly. I can't even close the program because the flaming error window won't let me do anything!

Mike, this is a definite bug. How can I recover my book from this? I do not want to lose this book; I have put many, many hours into creating it.

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