Chess game statistics

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Chess game statistics

Postby FreeRepublic » Wed May 22, 2019 4:15 pm

This is not really a COW topic, but is COW related.

I use COW extensively, but I find that it is complemented with a game database. Back in the BookUp days, I used Exachess. One feature it provided was game statistics from the current chess position. I would copy those statistics from Exachess and paste them into BookUp in the comment area opposite the position.

I now use Chess Assistant (CA). It's a lot like Chessbase, but is less expensive. There is also Chessbase reader, which is free. I assume it is greatly limited compared to Chessbase. CA has an opening tree with associated statistics, but it only goes out so many moves. Does anyone know of a modern chess program that will give me game statistics from any position? (As the venerable Exachess did long ago).

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