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Compatibility topics

Postby FreeRepublic » Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:14 pm

Case 1, original BookUP side by side with COW. Success.
I went to
and downloaded a Mac OS9 emulator for Windows. I now run my original BookUp files side-by-side with the modern COW. I can see my thoughts, comments, and original analysis from years past and take a fresh look with COW. I copy comments from BookUp and paste them into COW. This provides a migration path from old to new files and software.

Case 2, copying a purchased book into COW Pro. Success. This seems to have worked perfectly, with main lines, sub-variations, and comments all in place.

Case 3, buying a 2009 Everyman chess book and uploading to COW Pro. Partial success. I bought Attacking Chess - King's Indian Defense, vols 1 and 2. I can read each in Kindle or EPub. Just books, but sharing the screen with COW and supporting copy and paste. I read the PGN into Chess Assistant, and some sub-variations were dropped. I read the CBV files into the free ChessBase reader - no problem. I read the PGN into BookUp Pro. It read the books, but some sub-variations were either dropped or garbled. I can clean these up manually by having the book (Kindle or EPub) sharing the screen with COW Pro.

Case 4, buying a new Everyman book and uploading to COW Pro. Not attempted yet.

I distinguished between case 3 and 4 because it's possible that Everyman Chess may do a better job with new eBooks than with old ones. That is just speculation at this point.

I don't know why my PGN import of a 2009 book from Everyman chess (case 3) was only a partial success. Maybe Everyman didn't to the PGN download right. Maybe PGN is not up to the challenge. Maybe CBV is the future.

CBV import would be a plus for COW Pro.

By the way, I just want to note a feature of COW Pro that I really like. I used SF 10 to analyse a key line in the Magakonov variation of the KID. I ran through a few options suggested by SF and myself and evaluated end positions. The evaluation of end positions flowed back to earlier moves. Very cool and very useful. This may be old hat for some users, but new for me. Mike - congrats!!

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Re: Compatibility topics

Postby FreeRepublic » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:06 pm

A quick note on case 3 on importing a 2009 book bought as an EBook at

I imported the CBV file into ChessBase reader. It seems to be a complete import. It seems that I can add moves and variations, BUT they are not saved!

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Re: Compatibility topics

Postby Bookup » Sat Jul 20, 2019 9:29 am

If you want me to check out the format of that Everyman PGN file, send it to me via email and I'll have a look at it.

mike at bookupmembers dot com

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