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"If you have 15 minutes a day to study chess openings, this software will have you playing them like a master."

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From:  Michael Leahy
"The Database Specialist that Grandmasters Go To"

You are probably being outplayed in the chess opening. Constantly.

How can anyone keep up with so much theory?

I used to get my butt kicked in the opening every time I sat down at the board at the Dark Horse Chess Club. These guys would play the opening fast - and snicker as I got deep into the opening.

One of my opponents worked as a grave digger, boasting that his job allowed him to study chess for 4 hours every day.

How could I compete with someone who could study chess openings for 4 hours a day?!

I got sick of it, so (back in 1984) I handcrafted a DOS program that would test me on chess openings.

(That's right, I've been making chess opening software for 24 years.)

Soon after that, my fellow club members started to fear me.

"Bookup (Chess Openings Wizard) is simply the best way to study chess and it is incredibly useful in chess openings preparation.  It's is one of the most user-friendly programs I've seen, written by the most user-friendly programmers I've ever met.  It's great stuff!"

-- Grandmaster Peter Svidler
Russian Champion 1994, 1995, 1997, 2003

Let me show you how it helps with learning chess openings.

It's not rocket science, but you're about to download the latest software that makes it fun to learn chess theory. You will become a stronger player who intimidates others in the opening in as little as two weeks.

With the free Chess Openings Wizard Lite program you'll get...

  • Sample opening ebooks that will teach you opening theory fast.

  • Fast searches of all your PGN game files simultaneously.

  • Positional trees that show all the knowledge from all your games together.

  • Instant opinions from Crafty and/or Ruffian, strong computer analysis engines.

  • Help from experts in our forum.

Or choose the Express program and you'll also get...

  • A way to test yourself so that you know that you know the opening theory.

  • The ability to instantly compare your internet games to all your opening theory the moment the game is finished.

  • Instant editing that allows you to put in new moves for more training and computer analysis.

Or choose the Professional program and you'll also get...

  • Overnight analysis of your repertoire. You can focus in on specific branches.

  • Multimedia creation - you can record your own voice as commentary on positions, a godsend if you teach others.

  • Find novelties by having chess engines compare their opinions to the Informant symbols.

  • Find the critical lines as they are shaped by new games and analysis (Backsolving).

  • Much, much more.

"Just one more note: I spent many weekends sifting through ECO etc. and input my chosen chess opening moves into Bookup (Chess Openings Wizard).

This exercise, plus the easy lookup and review was very important to me in becoming a master."

-- Larry Stevens
Pasadena, California

Even if you've never finished a chess book, this software will get you to constantly improve your opening preparation and theoretical knowledge - .

Now that's certainly a tall statement, but it's quite possible, in fact, quite straightforward to use every game you play to improve your strength in your very next game.

"Hi Mike, guess whose rating went from 1500 on a good day to 1765?  I'm using the endgame trainers daily, and I can really see, actually see, the lessons appear on the board when I need them in an actual game on the net (ICC)."

-- Michael Bennett

Do you know chess players who are researching huge collections of games and playing against outrageously strong programs, but they're not making much progress in their own playing strength?

Lots of players are still using trees of game lines to prepare.  Join the elite who use this positional database to drastically cut down on the time and effort needed to become incredibly prepared in the chess openings.

"Mike, Earlier this week, I beat WGM Neeltje (Holland) on the ICC site. It was a blitz game (5-12) and I used the Bookup line from the London II book -- just the way I practiced it a thousand times using the practice opening option...

Thanks to the work that you and Chuck put into that London II book, I have been able to learn and remember most of the lines that can come out of this position and I can save a lot of clock for the end game. A thousand thanks -- make that 2064 thanks (my current Correspondence Chess Candidate Master rating). I could not be playing this well without the help of the big guys at Bookup!"

-- Kevin Mulloy

And what if it were also easy?

I personally guarantee you that this software will take you to the next level of your chess playing ability and keep you on a track of continuous improvement. How can I say that? I've been creating professional chess software for over 20 years, and the software you are about to download is made from decades of suggestions and ideas from the world's fastest improving players.


Do you play chess on the internet? Chess Openings Wizard (Express and Professional) has a one-click feature that will move your latest games to your favorite game database (Chess Openings Wizard, MasterChess 6000, ChessBase, Fritz, Chess Assistant, etc.), and then import the game into your repertoire ebook where it will show you exactly where you or your opponent played a new move.

You can't get this powerful feature from programs costing hundreds of dollars - but Chess Openings Wizard Express will do it for you.

"I've only been playing around with Bookup for 24 hours, but I think it's absolutely amazing. Your whole package is superb - plus I like the interface, the website, the videos, the help files, usw. All perfectly crafted.

BTW, don't know how many times I've read (in books, magazines, websites) that Chessbase is the market leader and superior to other systems like Bookup. Utter rubbish: Chessbase has too many functions I don't need or can't understand. Bookup is best (for me); maybe both together is optimal.

I've even softened a little towards Chessbase - the tips in Bookup's help files helped me figure out PGN databases... your whole support system, help/website/etc, is one of the best and clearest I've seen anywhere."

-- Gerry McCarthy

Do you ever need help with your chess software? Try emailing a question to the programmer of any other chess database and to the programmer of Chess Openings Wizard. See which one you can actually contact. Then see which one actually answers you.  (Hint: I'm the Chess Openings Wizard programmer.)

If you try the free version and later decide to purchase Chess Openings Wizard Express or Professional, there is no risk.  If you don't think it's the best investment you've ever made in chess software, please get a refund - and keep the software as my gift.

Mike Leahy
Mike Leahy
The Database Man!

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P.S. If after using the free version to learn the openings you decide to upgrade to either the Express or Professional versions and you watch the tutorial videos and you train with one of our ebook opening systems, then if you find that your own results don't amaze you - especially in the chess openings - then I want to give you a complete refund and ask you to keep the software as my gift.

Crazy Programmer   The only chess software that guarantees your playing strength will go up or you get it free.

Do not feed the programmer :)


Bookup 2000 Express is Obsolete

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Choose between the...

Free Lite program with all you need to learn the openings and read the ebooks. (Sample ebooks are included)

$67 Express program with all you need to design your repertoire, test yourself, and get computer analysis.

$197 Professional program with overnight repertoire analysis with included chess engines, multimedia creation, printing & publishing functions, combine your ebooks, find novelties, find critical lines (Backsolving) and much more.

Chess Openings Wizard has replaced Bookup 2000 These programs require Windows XP, 2000 or Vista.

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