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“Before you read the bug report…”

Chess Openings Wizard 2016 is constantly under development to stay current with new engines, best practices, new versions of Windows and the great ideas from those who use it every day.

That said, it is risky to make the bug list available to the public. The vast majority of software publishers keep their bug list private so as not to discourage new purchases who might assume that the software has too many problems because everything known about the program is in this list.

Rest assured, Chess Openings Wizard is used by more than 60,000 chess players.

I publish our bug list because:

I personally appreciate it when a software maker tells me about any known problems for programs that I want to purchase.

I think chess players are smart enough to realize that all sophisticated software has bugs, and that listing them publicly is my way of making sure you know it’s being worked on.


Mike Leahy, The Database Man!

Last Report: Monday September 26, 2016
The most recent builds of Professional and Express contain these changes:

  1. When you purchase a new program, your permanent product key will be emailed immediately. (All previous owners got an email in 2009 with their product key.)
  2. You can install your product key on up to three of your computers. (Please don’t share your key.)
  3. The registration system does not require a connection to the internet.
  4. The program does not warn you of updates. Installing updates is still a good idea, of course, when they become available.
  5. You can log in and get the latest download links and your product keys any time.

Chess Openings Wizard Professional does not offer a trial version.

Owners of all registered versions get an email with their registration keys and download links for the new programs.

The Lite version has been phased out. The Express trial version replaces the Lite version. After the Express version’s trial period expires, the program is still more powerful than the old Lite version.

Note: The Express version has not yet been upgraded to the 2016 level.



Chess Openings Wizard Program Latest Build Released
Professional 2016 Build 60 August 8, 2016
Express Build 56 July 5, 2010



Description Resolution Spotter Pro
Font size of comments can be adjusted. Changed in build 60 P
Macintosh version defaults to instant piece movement. Changed in build 60 P
Piece speed and diagram type (square color, font, etc) can be adjusted. Changed in build 60 P


Description Resolution Spotter OS Pro
Impact Projection
Mac Stockfish 7 crashes Bug Celestino J. Mac P high
Mac Finder won’t open the app when document is double clicked Bug – the documents must be opened from within the app Jacques P. Mac P low
Diagram automatically promotes to a queen. Bug – Workaround is to type the move into the move entry area. An example of an underpromotion would be exf8=N P high
Database corruption with position names too long Bug Ed S P high
Windows version ignores highest setting for piece animation. Bug dsquare P high
Backsolving freezes on start with sample data (Polar Bear ebook) Bug Eric O. P high
Find games with this move order – doesn’t fill in moves Bug – move order has to be entered manually Eliezer R. P high
Mac version beeps when pressing right arrow key for moves Bug Jacques P. P high
Long ECO descriptions word wrap Bug Jacques P. P high
Next and Previous Jump buttons do not work Bug  C.R. M. P high
Does not use MasterChess 8000 files. Design decision – workaround is to export all games to PGN. A new version of MasterChess will likely be the ultimate answer. P low
The candidate area can lose focus and won’t react to arrow key navigation when this happens. Bug. Jacques P. P medium
Only the top candidate move is played when clicking on other candidate moves. Windows 10 Cannot be duplicated. Geoffrey B. Colin P.
David M.
Lazaro M.
 Windows 10 P high
The splitter bar below the past moves pane also moves the top splitter bar. Bug. Stan R. P low
Window menu is not populated. Harish S.


Description Sponsor Importance Projection
Add the C.A.P. databank (aka “Joy of Chess”) Steven K. Low
Add 3D chess board Ron T. Low
Have the Enter key handle OK buttons. Jacques P. Low
Add keyboard shortcuts for Go | Jump to Next Name and Jump to Previous Name Steven K. Medium
Add Alt-J keyboard shortcut for jumping to positions Leif W Medium
Add the ECO printing function Gerald G Low
Add move guessing to the diagram (clicking on ‘to’ square) as in ChessBase. Jacques P.
Add a way to play a game against the engine from any position. Jeremy