Chess Openings Wizard – Mobile Versions (iPad, Android)

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Last update: 2019-03-17
“Before you read the bug report…”

Chess Openings Wizard is constantly under development to stay current with new engines, best practices, new versions of Windows, Macintosh, iPad, and Android, and the ideas from those who use it every day.

That said, it is risky to make the bug list available to the public. The vast majority of software publishers keep their bug list private so as not to discourage new purchases who might assume that the software has too many problems because everything known about the program is in this list.

Rest assured, Chess Openings Wizard is used by more than 60,000 chess players.

I publish our bug list because:

I personally appreciate it when a software maker tells me about any known problems for programs that I want to purchase.

I think chess players are smart enough to realize that all sophisticated software has bugs, and that listing them publicly is my way of making sure you know it’s being worked on.


Mike Leahy, The Database Man!

Last Report:  Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Chess Openings Wizard Latest Build Released
iPad Build 43 December 12, 2018
Android Build 43 December 12, 2018
Amazon Android (Kindle Fire) Build 43 Cancelled
COW Engine Server for Windows Build 8 November 12, 2018

Changes in build 43

DropBox optionally overwrites the file in the cloud to allow for syncing (rather than creating a new file).

Added screen with ebook information.

Can delete ebooks.

Can edit comment and candidate font size.

Shows training wizard controls correctly in portrait mode.

Training Wizard setup window scrolls to show all the controls.

Resetting training works properly.

Changes in build 40 and 41

The menu shows “White at Bottom” and “Black at Bottom” correctly.

The comment editing popup steers clear of the popup keyboard.

Landscape shows the engine server’s numeric assessment and Informant rate symbol. (It was missing on some devices.)


Description Sponsor Importance Projection
In training, when a line ends, show the comments briefly Chuck H Low  
Add algebraic hints to the borders of diagrams beta testers Low  
Add PGN import beta testers High  
Add comment edit mode (so touching comments doesn’t always trigger editing) Rob F. High  
Add support for Read Only Rob F. High  


Description Sponsor Importance Projection
Cancel button when deleting ebook doesn’t work. (It can be canceled in the next window.) Gary M Low January

Macintosh and Windows Versions