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Built for Windows 7


“Before you read the bug report…”

The Chess Openings Wizard program is constantly under development to stay current with new engines, best practices, new versions of Windows and the great ideas from those who use it every day.

That said, it is tempting to assume that the software has too many problems because everything known about the program is in this list, available to the public. The vast majority of software publishers keep their bug list private so as not to discourage new purchases.

Rest assured, Chess Openings Wizard is used by more than 54,000 chess players.

I publish our bug list because:

I personally appreciate it when a software maker tells me about any known problems for prorgrams that I want to purchase.

I think chess players are smart enough to realize that all sophisticated software has bugs, and that listing them publicly is my way of making sure you know it’s being worked on.


Mike Leahy, The Database Man!

Last Report: Tuesday January 14, 2014
The most recent builds of Professional and Express contain these changes:

  1. When you purchase a new program, your permanent product key will be emailed immediately. (All previous owners got an email in 2009 with their product key.)
  2. You can install your product key on up to three of your computers. (Please don’t share your key.)
  3. The registration system no longer connects to the internet.
  4. The program will no longer insist on required updates. Updates are still a good idea, of course, when they become available. Previous versions of the program were not registered/protected and therefore expired after a year of their release.
  5. The programs can now be offered on CD ROM, which is possible due to the new registration system.
  6. You can log in and get the latest download links and your product keys any time.

Chess Openings Wizard Professional does not offer a trial version.

Owners of all registered versions were sent an email with their new registration keys and download links for the new programs.

The Lite version has been phased out. The Express trial version replaces the Lite version.  After the Express version’s trial period expires, the program is still more powerful than the old Lite version.



Chess Openings Wizard Program Latest Build Released
Professional Build 54 June 30, 2010
Express Build 56 July 5, 2010


Description Resolution Spotter Pro
Stockfish 1.8 is the default engine. Changed in build 56 E
Added Stockfish as the default UCI engine. Changed in build 54 of Pro and 55 of Express PE
Double clicking on ebook files can start a second copy of the program along with error messages about temp files. Fixed in latest builds. PE
Fixes “Installer information not found” message. Fixed in build 53 Mike P
No longer checks the registration via the internet. Changed in build 52 of Express and build 42 of Professional Mike P, E
Default setting for the diagram is now set to the sharpest detail. Changed in build 52 of Express Mike E
Rare errors and some installs checked the internet registration every time the program ran. Fixed in build 52 of Express Mike E hangs Fixed with new video Gordon R.
Game window can give Assertion Failure message (build 26/GameForm.pas) Fixed in build 49 of Express (which replaced the Lite version) Ramachandran S.
Double clicking on ebook files can start a second copy of the program along with error messages about temp files. Fixed in build 49 of Express E
Lite version of the program was retired.  The Express version replaces it. After the 30 day trial period is over, the Express version is more powerful that the old Lite version. E
Script playback uses up to 50 percent of CPU time. Fixed in build 49 of Express Jim J. PE
Stopping an animation can hang the program. Fixed in build 49 of Express Mike E
Add the time and plies to the pasted engine data. Added in build 41 Luis B. P
Error 508 when registering the program. Fixed in build 38 of Express, 41 of Pro Mike PE
Add a way to test Speed Learning sets (Speed Testing). Added in build 41 Mike P
Add looping to Speed Learning. Added in build 41 Bryan P
COW program settings (Engine tab) optionally allows pasting number of engine nodes like Bookup did. Fixed in build 39. Luis B. P
Erasing a speed learning set file more than once a session can trigger an error. Fixed in build 39. Bryan P
Ctrl-G shortcut added for pasting engine analysis. Added in build 39. Don K. P
Board can be flipped (Black to move at bottom) in Speed Learning Fixed in build 36. Paulo S. P
Speed Learning added Add in build 34. P
Registration added so that you are no longer required to log in every 6 to 9 months and download an update.
(You’ll still want to keep up with the latest version, but now you can do it on your own schedule.)
Changed in Professional build 34, Express build 37. PE
DeleteFile Code 5 when installing build 31 Pro when it was already installed. Fixed in Express build 31 – Be sure the program is not running during the update. Mike E
Some programs ask for a required update in November 2008. Fixed in Professional build 32, Express build 31. Ron S., John W. PE
Default skin is now wood grain. New in Lite build 26 Mike L
Menus turn white when mousing over them. Fixed in Lite build 26
Fixed in Professional build 32
pinkito P
Sound may not work for scripts in Windows XP Fixed in builds 29 and 30
Fixed in build 32 of Professional
Eli R. Phillip H. P
Have program warn the user if no moves have been played when choosing File|Print Game… which saves printing a blank page. Fixed in build 30 of Express
Fixed in build 32 of Professional
W. Lassiter PE
Opening an ebook that is already open can result in an error message. Fixed in build 28 Neville L. PE
Backsolving now reports the number of leaf nodes with blank Informant rate symbols and/or blank numeric assessments New in build 27 Mike P
Animation would not automatically load the next game Fixed in build 27 Dan M P
EPD|Import Positions… does not work. Fixed in build 27 Bill W P
No warning when saving a setup position without a name. Fixed in build 27 Mike P
File|Add Ebook… does not work.  (File|Import Ebook… works fine.) Fixed in build 27 jott27 P
Missing update link for December update Fixed in build 16 (Express) Mike E
PGN importing does not set the leaf node’s Informant rate symbol, hampering backsolving. Fixed in build 24 Jones M, Tim J P
Pasted comments not saved if program preferences are changed. Fixed in build 23 Philliip P
PGN exporting does not export the game date properly. Fixed in build 23 Mike P
Help file incomplete. Expanded in build 23 Mike P
Windows file open dialog draws toolbar incorrectly. Fixed in build 23 kblaine P
Program generates error messages when installed in a different folder. Fixed in build 23 Kenneth Goebel P
Game window’s header information allowed the text to be modified. Fixed in build 23 Herbinator P
Program goes to a web page with incorrect videos. Website fixed Mike P
The window title bar now reads “Chess Openings Wizard Professional” Changed in build 23 Herbinator P
Editing numeric assessments will not allow a negative sign to be typed. Fixed in build 22 theHerbinator P
Cannot “grab” PGN from clipboard more than once. Fixed in build 22 filipepsantos P
Backsolved Informant Rate may not be properly updated when editing static Informant Rate. Fixed in build 22 Kenneth Goebel P
Backsolving with “Always Solve” does not work. Fixed in build 21 theHerbinator P
Selected candidate move is not highlighted. Fixed in build 21 Mike Leahy P
Does not support MasterChess move orders. Fixed in build 21 jott27, theHerbinator, et al P
Game window will not save edited comments made just before choosing Commands|Save… Fixed in build 17. theHerbinator P

Bugs (Open)

Description Resolution Spotter Pro
Impact Projection
When exiting pogram, message “Unable to write to …\GAMES.INI” causes program to hang. Bug – need to know specific path that causes the problem.  Anyone? Jeff F. high
Periods (dots) in the folder path won’t work. Bug – workaround is to rename folders so that they do not contain a period. Laz M. PE medium
Analysis won’t count nodes beyond 2 billion. Bug. Scott M. PE low
Renaming or deleting an ebook gives Assertion failure C:\dev\Chess Openings Wizard\Source\Build 56 Express\Book3.pas, line 2763 Bug. May have to do with ebooks in subfolders. Art C. PE medium
DPI 144 (or 150%) causes the candidate moves to overlap each other.  Don’t use this theme setting. Bug Dave E. PE low
Speed Learning sets will ask too many times when using named positions. Bug Bryan A. P medium
Synchronize Rate Symbols not working properly. +50 synchronizes to -+ with default settings. Researching Ken B. P Medium
Animation (audio annotation) does not support en passant. Bug Bill M. PE Medium
Using the File menu to delete an ebook may leave some remnant files. Researching Robert B. PE Low
COW gives error messages if the data folder is moved to the My Documents folder. Researching Dave E. PE Medium
Game.INI and WATCH.INI can appear on the desktop or other folder. Researching Ron S. PE Low
Minimizing an ebook Window causes training moves to stop. Bug Randy F. PE Low
The ‘T’ transposition indicator can disappear when mirroring positions. Bug jott27 P Medium
Leaf nodes might not require re-training if they’re played incorrectly during training. Researching Tom PEL
Changing the Windows default font can mess up the display of the past moves. Bug jott27 PEL Low
The “last move” arrows are not erased after a castling move. Bug Mike PEL Low
Backsolving process can show time and positions beyond 100 percent. Bug, but does not indicate backsolving problem. Probably due to color reversal transposition which is not caught by TPositionTagger Tim J P Low
Copying and pasting diagrams (text) always has White at bottom researching this Jim F P Low
Exporting to PGN when using German or Dutch letters for pieces gives an error message.
Also assertion in Pro build 23 MvOrdDlg.pas line 235
bug Bernd H
Paul K
PE High (if you’re using Dutch or German letters)
Backsolving an ebook with repetition of position more than once will inflate the accumulated variations number. design limitation John P
Crafty can continue to run after COW has stopped it. Bug – intermittent Mark B. P Medium
Video recording is missing. In Development Mike Leahy P Low
Reducing screen resolution can leave windows off screen (invisible). Bug Matthew Davis P-E Low
Diagram does not draw or drag properly at extremely large sizes. Bug Windi P-E Low
Importing >1,000 tactics positions does not work properly with sorting position names. Bug – limitation Ron P-E High (if you have more than 1,000)
Training Wizard plays the top candidate instead of randomly choosing candidates Bug Alan H. P-E High


Description Sponsor Importance Projection
Allow printed diagrams with Black at bottom John J. Low
Allow comments and candidates to be hidden with separate options Gary Z. Low
Use the online Nalimov tablebases James J. Low
Keep program settings from previous versions when updating. David M. Medium
Add a captured piece window. Mitch Low
A “Save As” option is needed for ebooks. Marius Medium
Support touch screen move entry (clicking from and to squares) Bernd H. Medium
All exporting to EPD only positions without Informant symbols. Bernd H. Medium
Allow any position to be added to a Speed Learning set. Michael H. Medium
Add random ordering to Speed Learning and Testing. Rich H. Medium
Add back the manual entry field, allowing moves to be typed. Matthys T.
Add comments to Speed Learning. Bryan
Add hotkey to flip board and start training. Robert S. Medium
Add Alt-T hotkey for training as in Bookup. Eli R. Low
Allow a zero value to mean unlimited plies of engine analysis. CTCampbell High
Add a way to import multiple PGN files at one time. Ben M. High
Add a way to create custom Analysis Banks. theHerbinator, et al
Add a close button to the Analysis Bank window. theHerbinator
Bring back “Database Safety” option from Bookup. Seleukid
Limit the time spent on EPD analysis of positions clearly won (e.g. assessed 400+) V Mencinger
Don’t display the .3MM multimedia folders when opening ebooks. Herbinator Medium
Add a way to set the program preferences to the factory defaults. Herbinator
PGN importing should add UNcandidates so that transpositions are marked with a T. John, et al Medium
Imported PGN files should optionally be added to the list of PGN files in the Game menu Mike
Game menu should optionally index without asking. Mike
Add a way to see if the current position is also in other ebooks. Ron Taylor, Herbinator, et al
Add an option to place VCR buttons either below the diagram or with the candidate moves. Arm Bar, et al
Allow training to go only to a set depth. donlester
Display ECO codes from a master ebook. jott27
Make Annotation Wizard window remember its position between sessions. Mike
Add a way to delete unwanted scripts. RHudlow
Add a button to play the engine’s best move in the Game window. jott27
Make comment window so it can undock from the ebook window like Bookup. Herbinator High
Add an option to automatically play multimedia scripts. Daniel, Byronovich, et al High
Expanded Help file. Mike High
Update EPD files with analysis Alan B Low
Allow keyboard entry of moves (vision impaired feature) Matthys T