Windows Beta Testing

Thanks for clicking that link.

My fancy pants system now knows that you’re interested in beta testing the new version of Chess Openings Wizard for Windows so I’ll be notifying you first with news.

Here’s the scoop:

The new Windows and Macintosh versions should come out at about the same time. They both keep your chess data in a new data format that is…

  • is so much easier to backup
  • is much easier to share your openings with your friends, your coach, your students
  • is “open” so that other people can write programs that use it
  • is ready for the iPad version when it comes out in 2016

The new Windows version will be a free upgrade for you if you already own Chess Openings Wizard for Windows.

The new Macintosh version might have an introductory lower price. I’m still noodling on that one. I want to reward the early adopters.

Watch your email.