"Who else wants to see a million master games, and play chess and get analysis - Without the Usual Headaches and Cost?"


"Are you crafting the absolute best chess openings? A game database like MasterChess is essential."


Mike Leahy, Programmer

Get ready to...
  • Search 1.4 million master games - including Kramnik - Topalov

  • Play chess against a strong engine (Ruffian)

  • See perfect endgame play with 5 pieces or less (Nalimov tablebases)
  • Filter games by move order, chess openings (ECO) code, White and Black player names
  • Add your own games using PGN

  • See the largest, sharpest 2D diagrams available for huge screens
  • And more (like Fischer clocks and integration with Bookup 2000 Professional and Chess Openings Wizard Professional)

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