Welcome to Apple’s TestFlight Program

Welcome to Apple’s TestFlight program for Chess Openings Wizard for iPad.

Here’s what to expect. It may take me a few hours as requests come in so there will be some delay. I will add your email address to Apple’s TestFlight system and you will get an email from Apple labeled “TestFlight” and the email address will be “no_reply@email.apple.com”.

You must view this email on your iPad.

Apple will guide you through installing the TestFlight app and then “redeeming” your code that allows you to install the test version of Chess Openings Wizard.

There is a way to give me feedback via Apple’s system but you can also email me directly. Just be sure to mention TestFlight in the subject of your email so that it gets my attention. My email address is mike@bookupmembers.com

This build is not complete, although it will allow you to view and edit your ebooks. The focus of this build 28 is to test the use of Dropbox in moving your ebooks from your Macintosh or Windows computer to your iPad and back again. It uses a free Dropbox account which you will need to set up as part of the testing process.

Future versions for Macintosh and Windows will also have an automatic way to copy ebooks to your iPad using Dropbox.

I appreciate your time and effort in checking out the Dropbox capability, viewing your ebooks on your iPad, and sending me any feedback.





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