Beta Testing 2021

Welcome beta testers! This page was last updated January 6, 2022.

Beta testing is complete. Beta testers are now enjoying early access to the new versions of Chess Openings Wizard Professional for Macintosh and Windows.

If you did not get an email about this (after checking your spam folder) please get in touch with Mike.

Check out this outrageous video showing off the new version

The engine’s best move is shown with a grey arrow on the diagram. This can be disabled by checking the Arrows box in the engine area.

This new edition brings static diagram marks (arrows and circles). Right click on a square to mark it with a circle. Right click and drag to a new square to mark the diagram with an arrow.

Right clicking over an existing mark will delete the mark. The Edit menu has a new option to delete all diagram marks for the current position.

The biggest expansion is the Multimedia menu which allows each position to be turned into a demo board. Your voice is recorded along with anything you move or mark on the diagram (synchronized with your voice). The recordings can be played back with different diagrams, from the opposite color’s point of view for example.

The default folder for ebooks is now Chess Openings Wizard in the Documents folder of Windows or Macintosh. The default folder for previous versions was Chess Openings Wizard 2016. This change was made because ebooks are now in a new format which can hold multimedia recordings and diagram marks. (Each ebook is still in a single .4MD database file.)

When opening an ebook in the older format, COW will warn you that the ebook is about to be updated. While no problems are expected during an update, it is always a good idea to have backup copies of your ebooks just in case.

The Commands menu has a new entry to show the position information including how many times the the position has displayed the multimedia (if any) and how many times it has been trained successfully according to the training wizard.