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Bookup 2000 Beta Testing

Bookup 2000 003d Alpha

This download is a self-extracting file which includes:

  • BWIN003D.EXE (the test program)
  • BKR.TTF (the newer rate font)

Download the Bookup 2000 test version  B03Alpha.exe


The purpose of this test version is to allow those using books that have hit the DOS limit of 2 Gigabytes to test that Bookup 2000 will import your books. It is also for testing the new faster backsolving method which can identify loops (repetition of position and transposition to other backsolved lines).

Please restrict your testing to simply opening (automatically converting) very large books in Bookup 1.x format. The program opens your existing books read-only to prevent any harm to your existing data. Open the existing book (which creates a new book in the new format which you can name) and then navigate the trees to be satisfied that everything is intact. You may also want to backsolve all or parts of the new book, especially if it has lines ending with repetition of position.

In order to see the new loop icon when backsolving books with loops, you will need to install the BKR.TTF font. To install the font, click Start, Settings, Control Panel and double click on Fonts. Then choose File|Install New Font... and open the Bookup Rate font file (BKR.TTF) from wherever you extracted it from the self-extracting download.

It is recommended that you place the test program in its own folder as it does update some files currently used by older versions of the program.

Although we have the greatest faith in this version, it is being released for testing! It's always a good idea to have backup copies of your valuable books-on-disk.

Unlike Microsoft we don't charge for beta testing our new products. This program will expire in May 2000.

If you encounter problems please let us know via email as soon as possible. This program is an alpha test version, meant to test specific new capabilities. Many of the features in this special version (game research, engine interface, etc.) are not functioning. This program contains hundreds of special checks to internally detect program errors while you test it.

We really appreciate your suggestions on our new programs. Thank you for testing Bookup 2000.

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