Fischer’s Opening Secret 5

The good news again is that masters and grandmasters have published their repertoires in ebooks.

The really good news is that these ebooks make it easy and fun to learn complete chess openings fast.

The ebooks explain the chess openings move by move, including those moves you never see in grandmaster games but appear often in amateur games.

For another chess openings idea from Bobby Fischer click here.

Or read on about the software that makes it possible…

Chess Openings Wizard comes in a free version, a $67 Express version and a $197 Professional version.

(If you’re not interested in software, continue on to more about chess openings.)

The free version is the Trial version.  This version…

…displays all the material in any ebook (no limitations)
…manages PGN files of millions of games
…includes the Crafty and Ruffian engines for instant computer analysis
…has demonstration and sample ebooks
…and gives you a 30 day trial of the editing functions

The Express version adds…

…complete editing capability for extending your own ebooks (no limitations)
…the Training Wizard to test you by playing mock games
…integration with Blitzin and other internet chess interfaces
…email technical support from the programmer

The Professional version adds…

…overnight repertoire analysis
…database features (combining ebooks, purging trees, etc.)
Backsolving to automatically discover critical lines
…more than 800,000 opening positions already deeply analyzed by computer
…power tools to discover novelties
…publishing and printing features
…Speed Learning
…much more

What would you like to do?

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Download the free Chess Openings Wizard Trial with sample ebooks

Buy Chess Openings Wizard Express or Professional

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