Fischer’s Opening Secret 6

So far we’ve learned that…

…the best players study more than just the chess openings they play.

…the best players study the variations that “never” get played.

…there is software that levels the playing field so that anyone can master the opening with limited time.

But here’s the concept about chess openings that most chess players never realize:

Studying a new, different opening adds understanding to the one you play.

You’re probably afraid to “waste” any precious study time on an opening you don’t plan to play. But it’s no waste at all.

Some tactics don’t work in your opening… but they do work in other openings.

Some pawn levers don’t work in your opening… but they do in other openings.

Some sacrifices don’t work in your opening… but they do in different openings.

Studying another opening makes you better at playing your favorite opening. You will understand your chess opening better by seeing what works and doesn’t work in other openings.

It’s what Bobby Fischer knew. He never played queen pawn openings – and yet he was confident enough to play one in a world championship match just to show the Russians that he could!

You’re probably skeptical. How can studying queen pawn openings increase your understanding of the Sicilian?

And I know right now you can’t imagine finding the time to study two chess openings when you can barely find the time to study just one.

That’s where Bookup comes in. With opening ebooks you can learn two chess openings in the time you’re currently spending on one. You can use our ebooks even with the free Express program. Guaranteed.  Really.

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