Build 123 Update

Thanks for keeping your Chess Openings Wizard Express updated!

I spent a bit of time and money on this one. COW will now tell you (in the future) when a new update is available. It uses new TMS Dropbox components and is compiled by the latest Delphi 10.4.1 Sydney.

Build 123 fixes an issue with importing large numbers of PGN games in the background.

It fixes an issue with loading thousands of named positions.

It adds a ‘G‘ to all candidate moves that match the game loaded in the Game window.

It adds a keystroke shortcut for copying and pasting engine analysis.

It has a few rough edges smoothed away.

It uses new database drivers.

It fixes the Go menu items for going to the next and previous board names (for endgame and tactics ebooks).

The update is free.

I like making updates free when I can (even though I just spent a chunk of change for updates to the tools that I use to make COW).

If you’d like to chip in though, I always appreciate it! Seriously, when I get an email saying a COW user bought me lunch, I cannot get the smile off my face for hours. 🙂 This button lets you send Mike a tip:

(If you do buy me lunch, I’d love to add you to the burrito club.)

Here is the download link to the free update:

This update is hosted on a high speed Amazon server in the “chessopeningsoftware” bucket. Your security software is likely not familiar with this folder so you may have to override it to download the installer. When you open this disk image, your Macintosh will warn you that it is a downloaded file. That’s to be expected.

It is safe to install this update over any previous version. Making regular backup copies of your ebooks is always a good idea though. (You do use the Dropbox feature to copy your ebooks to the cloud, yes?)

You may want to drag your current version of Chess Openings Wizard Express to the trash before installing this update. (This will not harm your existing ebooks and PGN files.)

As always, if you have any questions then shoot me an email.