Build 127 Update

THIS IS NOT THE LATEST UPDATE. The latest update is here.

If you play online chess (especially Lichess), I think you are going to enjoy this update very much.

Here are the changes:

This version replaces build 117.

The default engine is now Stockfish 12 which was released a few weeks ago.

The engine analysis appears in figurine notation (like the candidate moves).

The old limitation of 255 characters for file paths has been lifted.

The program now stores its settings in an .INI file.

The training wizard now allows you to set a maximum move number, allowing you to automatically rewind training every time you reach move 9, for example.

The Training Wizard setup window has a new Help button.

Fixed the Go menu’s Jump to Next and Jump to Previous named positions.

The limit of 100 imported plies was lifted to 500 (allowing 250 move games).

You can suppress duplicate comments from imported PGN games.

PGN import adds hyphens to game dates (2020-09-15 rather than 20200915).

A new option in the Commands menu called Train Now will start the training wizard immediately using the last settings (skipping the settings window). The shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+T also starts training immediately.

Games | Find Games with this Move Order... now automatically fills in the move order with the line in the active ebook.

The app now asks for your permission to overwrite an existing file when downloading a matching file from Dropbox.

The last played lichess game of any player can be instantly imported into your chosen repertoire ebook. Then the ebook will be automatically fast forwarded to the novelty from that game.
(To get an idea of the power in this, watch this YouTube video.)

Special Stockfish note: When you first run the app it will try to use the settings from any previous version except that it will automatically switch to Stockfish 12. If you wanted to choose a different engine, here’s how to do that:

From any open ebook window choose Edit | Program Preferences…

Click on the Engine tab.

Click the Select Engine File… button.

Navigate to the folder that contains your engine file. For Stockfish this folder is usually:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Bookup\Chess Openings Wizard Professional\2016\Engines\Stockfish

Double click on the engine file you want.

The Lichess integration is the most evolutionary thing in this update.

The dream has always been to finish a game (online) and then be instantly transported to your White or Black repertoire and immediately shown where you (or your opponent) played the novelty. This way, every game you play expands your opening repertoire, assuming you take a few seconds to decide how to handle this position in the future.

Personally, I can think of no more enjoyable way to get stronger than to play chess against increasingly stronger opponents and use every game to deepen your opening preparation.

You could always do this semi-automatically with ICC,, and any site that provides you PGN of the games you played – but with this new Lichess integration it’s smart and instant.

Because it’s so easy, it will make you want to see how your game the impacts your repertoire – the moment you’re done playing.

Here is a YouTube video that details how it’s done with ICC, with, and with Lichess.

This is another free update.

I like making updates free when I can. And I understand that free updates may not be the most lucrative business model. 🙂

So if you’re the type to chip in, I always appreciate it! Seriously, every time I get an email saying a COW user sent me a tip, I cannot get the smile off of my face for hours. 🙂 This button lets you send me (Mike) a tip:

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Here is the download link to the Windows installer for the latest version:

This update is hosted on a high speed Amazon server in the “chessopeningsoftware” bucket. Your security software is likely not familiar with this folder so you may have to override your security software to download the installer. When you run the installer, Windows will definitely tell you that the verified publisher is Bookup. (If it does not, do not run the download. Windows will stop you anyway.)

It is safe to install this update over any previous version. Making regular backup copies of your ebooks is always a good idea though. (You do use the Dropbox feature to copy your ebooks to the cloud, yes?)

As always, if you have any questions then shoot me an email.

P.S. Special thanks to you if you are a two-time member of the burrito club!