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The iPhone, iPad, and Android Chess Openings Wizard apps are going back up to $37 soon. But for now you can get any mobile version for $7.

Get Chess Openings Wizard for iPad

Get Chess Openings Wizard on Android

Windows and Macintosh

Chess Openings Wizard Express for Windows ($67)

Chess Openings Wizard Professional for Windows ($197)

Chess Openings Wizard Express for Macintosh ($67)

Chess Openings Wizard Professional for Macintosh ($197)

MasterChess 8000 on DVD ($37 plus $5.25 shipping in the USA)

MasterChess 8000 on DVD ($37 plus $8.25 airmail outside the USA)

Bookup's Top 21 Ebooks plus 6 grandmaster repertoires not available anywhere else Our top ebooks on one CD ROM ($400) The next 16 ebooks listed below are included on this CD ROM plus 7 discontinued grandmaster repertoires:

Individual ebooks can be ordered and downloaded immediately.

Opening Ebooks in Chess Openings Wizard Format

These ebooks can be used on iPHone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Macintosh.

The Scandinavian – A Complete Chess Opening Repertoire Against 1.e4 ($19)

The Classical Ruy ($25)

The Closed Game($29)

Gambits Against the French ($19)

The London System II($29)

The Open Game II ($29)

The Samisch Seminar II ($29)

The Scheveningen Sicilian ($29)

The Smith-Morra ($29)

Middlegame Ebooks

Defense ($25)

Endgame Studies

100 Essential Endings ($29)

King & Pawn I ($25)

The Rubinstein Collection ($25)

Tactical Studies

Barking Dog Tactics Vol 1 ($10)

Barking Dog Tactics Vol 2 ($10)

Chessworks Ebooks from FM Eric Schiller

All 34 ebooks (below) on CD ROM ($219) 

Advance Caro-Kann Short Variation $9.50
Albin Countergambit $9.50
Anti-Sicilian Nyezhmetdinov $9.50
Cambridge Springs $9.50
Classical Caro-Kann $9.50
Classical Tarrasch $9.50
Dutch Modern Stonewall $9.50
English Keres Parma $9.50
Evans Gambit $9.50
Four Knights $9.50
French Defense Steinitz $9.50
French MacCutcheon – for White $9.50
French Winawer Bd2 $9.50
Greco White Repertoire $9.50
King’s Indian Exchange Variation $9.50
King’s Indian Four Pawns Attack $9.50
King’s Indian Steiner Attack $9.50
Modern Defense: Averbakh Lines $9.50
Modern Rat $9.50
Nimzowitsch Sicilian $9.50
Noteboom Variation $9.50
Paulsen Sicilian $9.50
QGD Canal, Prins & Vienna $9.50
Scandinavian Lasker $9.50
Schara Gambit $9.50
Sicilian Anti-Dragon B35 $9.50
Smith-Morra Gambit $9.50
Spanish Bird $9.50
Spanish Exchange Bd6 $9.50
Spanish Open Dilworth $9.50
Spanish Open Variations $9.50
Spanish Zaitsev $9.50
Spielmann Open Games $9.50
Two Knights $9.50

Computer Research Ebooks from Bill Haines

Bill Haine’s French Advance 6.Be2 $19.00
Bill Haine’s C02 $19.00
Bill Haine’s C02 7.Nh6 $19.00

For programmers only: purchase the Delphi source code for $300.

Chess Openings Wizard is written in Delphi 12 and uses a number of third party libraries. The offer to purchase the source code is available only to registered users of the Professional version. Limited support at the source code level is available via email from the programmer

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