Comparison Chart

T = Chess Openings Wizard Trial (free download)

E = Chess Openings Wizard Express ($67 registered)

P = Chess Openings Wizard Professional ($197 registered)

Which version is best for me? T
Reads Bookup format ebooks X X X
Imports annotated PGN game files into positional trees X X X
Searches PGN files by player names, move order, date, result, etc. X X X
Sorts unlimited number of PGN files simultaneously X X X
Killer training feature tests you by playing mock games from analysis X X
Massive Windows help file X X X
Handles databases up to 20GB X X X
Prints diagrams with included font X X X
Spots all transpositions instantly including mirrors and color reversals X X X
Uses Winboard-compatible engines (Crafty 17.9 included) X X X
Uses UCI-compatible engines (Ruffian and Stockfish included) X X X
Killer Autoload feature watches Blitzin’s (or any) PGN file for novelties X X
Reads MasterChess games X X
Shows game statistics for current position X X
Adds all moves that transpose X X
Shows all possible move orders X X
Edits moves, comments, Informant symbols, certainty, opening codes X X
Automatically converts books from older format X X
Setup tactics and endgame positions with optional names X X
Color codes moves X X
Mark diagram squares with dots and X‘s X X
Backsolves critical lines X
Includes Joy of Chess (C.A.P.) 800,000 computer analyzed positions X
Uses MasterChess games, statistics trees and move order finders X
Imports Books (purges, prunes, combines trees) X
Exports books to PGN (subvariated or separate lines) X
EPD import, export and analysis X
Synchronizes Informant symbols with computer analysis X
Prints ECO/BCO-style sheets of analysis X
Edit/clear numeric assessments X
Finds novelties by comparing human and computer analysis X
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