You gotta help me.

I’ve been accused of helping a LOT of chess players to CHEAT.

What would you do if you discovered that your opponent had instant access to the best moves in thousands of opening and endgame positions?  It’s ILLEGAL!

Some folks were prepared to tar and feather me when the Professional version of Chess Openings Wizard came out with Speed Learning because it looks to them like players can now cheat that way.

You see, some players are using Photoreading to memorize reams of opening books.  (One guy used this technique to become state co-champion.)

To level the playing field, COW Pro blows that away by making it possible to download your opening repertoire into your brain.

No, I am not kidding.

There are catches.  First, COW Pro is $197.

But I think you have to experience this little miracle to see if you want to risk being accused of cheating.

So I’m going give out trial copies of COW Pro for ten bucks.

Yep, ten measly dollars.  If it works for you, then you pay the rest.  If it doesn’t, then my usual guarantee does NOT apply – that is, you don’t have to pay the rest but you have to stop using the software.  (That’s one of the catches.)

I have to set up the web site so that it allows you to pay $10 now and the rest in 30 days, and I’ll let you know when it’s ready, hopefully by next Thursday.

(Current COW Pro users got the updated with Speed Learning and Speed Testing for free when those features were added, of course.)

You will amaze your friends – and piss off your enemies – if you have the stomach to be accused of cheating, because anyone studying positions the old way will be devastated by your ability to instantly recall the best move in any position.

When the proverbial dung hits the fan, I just hope you hold me harmless.  I’m just looking to make it fair for everyone.  (And sell some extremely cool software.)


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