Importing PGN

From the PGN menu, you’ve just selected a PGN file to import. Here are your options:

You can control the number of plies (half moves) that are imported from each game. For example, to build an ebook from the first 24 moves of each of the games in your PGN file, set the Number of Plies to Import to 48.

The game header contains information including the White and Black player names, the date of the game, where it was played, etc. This information can be placed in the comment of the final position of the game.

As moves are added to the ebook, at some point each game is very likely to play a move that is not in the ebook. A new move in chess theory is called a novelty. You can have the novelties highlighted in any combination of the three color tags.

Click Cancel to skip the import of games.

Press Start to begin the import process.

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Get the Express version for Macintosh or Windows

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