Synchronizing Informant Symbols

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This function synchronizes the Informant rate symbols to match the numeric assessments from engines.

This works well in conjunction with overnight analysis with EPD files and backsolving.

Example: Let’s say you have done overnight analysis of a large repertoire. The engine has updated the leaf nodes with numeric assessments. Now the Informant rate symbols may not agree with the engine’s assessment. Running this function will synchronize each position’s Informant rate symbol to match the engine’s assessment.

The values used for synchronization can be changed before the process is run. If you think a winning position is any engine assessment more than 200 centipawns you would set the +- -+ setting to 200. Then positions with 200 or more will be set to +- (meaning White is winning) and positions with assessments less than -200 will be set to -+ (meaning Black is winning).

Similarly the Informant symbols for slight advantage and clear advantage can be set to lesser values. 

If the position’s assessment is less than the setting for a slight advantage for either side, the Information rate will be set to the = symbol.

Special thanks to Ron Taylor for pushing this function along.



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