You’ve just finished a session with the training wizard.

“Played Correctly” is the number of moves that you played correctly. Contrast that with the “New Positions” which can be twice that number if you are playing one side (which is the usual way to train.)

“Errors” are the number of moves you played incorrectly.

“Moves per minute” gives you an idea of how quickly you were able to pick correct moves.

“Peak speed” is the highest rate of moves per minute reached in this training session.

“Score” is a function the number of moves played correctly along with the speed at which you played them.

“New Positions” is the number of positions that were successfully trained in this session that have never been seen in training before. This number will be zero if you’ve not trained any positions or if training has been reset.

“Percentage of Book” shows how much of the book has been trained.


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