Five Positions a Day Challenge

Most chess players just want to get a little better at the game each year.

And that means winning a few more games – and then getting a higher rating each year.

And that means the satisfaction of beating stronger players, and the experience of being one of the stronger players.

Preparing for those games should be fun, not tedious.

We put too much effort into this game to get stuck on a ratings plateau.

If you want to see how much fun it can be to get stronger – in a few minutes a day – then sign up for this challenge.

I will go live on the Facebook group for five days and I will show you how you can easily make that climb up the ratings ladder with a simple process that takes about twelve minutes a day.

If you can commit to twelve minutes a day to grow your playing strength then sign up now.

P.S. You have my word that this will take you only a few minutes a day. The key is to do it every day.