Five Positions A Day

The Five Positions a Day Challenge is… free.

This challenge can be done with whatever you use to model your opening repertoire.

Game database? Spreadsheet? A deck of index cards? They will all work.

But for the Facebook live videos I’ll be using Chess Openings Wizard Express which is $67.

It looks like you don’t have COW.

Maybe you downloaded the old trial version and didn’t like it.

So I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. 🙂

You can try the full version of Chess Openings Wizard Express for $5.

You might think that sounds crazy but it’s true. I want you to get the most out of the “Five Positions a Day” challenge and that means using the best tool available. For $5, the matter of cost is eliminated.

Here is the link if you have Windows…

Here is the link if you use a Macintosh…

P.S. If you already own COW then my mistake. Please go back to your email and hit reply to tell me you already have it. Maybe you registered it with another email address or maybe my fancy pants system messed up.