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Various Questions - Newbie Stuff

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1. On the bottom left, in the chess engine window, it has two areas. The top area show "..c5", the bottom area shows "..c6". The top area changes more frequently. It appears that the top is the "thinking" line and the bottom is the "chosen favorite". However, if I click the little red arrow, it keeps the value from the top area. Can someone explain this area to me a little more clearly? Also, how long do I need to wait for a solid answer to choose as a "best engine move" to move into my opening database? If I wait a long time, it changes to other lines. I don't know how to choose a best line/move.

2. In the candidates window, you see a variety of moves. "..e6" shows a score of -34. "..c5" shows a score of "+5", which benefits white. But the color bar looks like it's a stronger move for black. Am I correct in assuming the color bar shows real world results while the score is the engine prediction and they won't always agree?

3. How do I use "certainty"? Does that help in prioritizing candidates for training or is it only for my own reference? I can't see any value to this feature.

4. I understand what informants symbols mean, but not how to use them in this software. Should I set the symbol based on the visible position? Does that propagate upwards in the tree? Again I'm not sure how to use this in this software.

5. I built a book with opening moves. Giving one candidate for white and using "pedigree moves" for black. I've built out a tree for training several moves deep on each branch. This makes sense to me so far. Open to suggestions. What I don't see is how to use this with my games file. There's a lot of functionality for importing games. Why would I do that? So far what I've done is copied my opening book and then imported my games into that copy so I can identify anomalies. Is that the intention of this feature? Just curious if there's some training or evaluation that I'm overlooking.

Sorry for so many questions. Thanks in advance for all replies. I'll post another topic for bug reports. I'm really enjoying the features of this software as far as what I've learned. I love chessbase for some things, but the opening book training feature is clearly stronger in COW.
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