Build 113 Bugs

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Build 113 Bugs

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I've discovered a few little bugs I would like to share.

1. If I open a book and do EPD->Analyze With Engine. It starts processing as expected. However, if I close the book while the EPD analysis is running, it aborts. It should either continue to run with the book closed or display some type of message or warning. It generates a memory fault. Then I have to start over.

2. If I have chessbase open, and try to start the engine or starting EPD Engine Analsys, it gives an access violation error. It works fine after I "ok" the error. But this error doesn't occur if Chessbase is not running. Stockfish 10 64 is running and works. It just generates a pop-up error. It also does it when I STOP the processing.

3. If I start running EPD Engine Analysis and it discovers moves that are not in my book, it pops up a dialog that says "an imported position did not exist". This makes sense. However, it prompts to "continue processing" yes or no. Those buttons do not do what they suggest. If I click yes, it stops. If I click "no" it continues until the next missing position shows up. Those are backwards. Suggestion - if I say "yes" it shouldn't prompt again. But regardless of the suggestion, the buttons work backwards.

4. Since the POSITIONS table needs to match the positions in a book when running EPD analysis, shouldn't it have a separate POSITIONS table for each book? It seems like I shouldn't have to regenerate a new positions table each time I work with a different book. It should key the positions to the book so each book exports in it's own area and I don't have to choose different positions files and I don't have to recreate the positions table each time I work with a different book. It could be more of a behind the scenes feature simply by indexing positions to each book. It's a little more overhead, but I doubt it would be much and we don't have to think about regenerating the positions table.

5. If you export a book as a PGN, you have to option to exclude comments. This feature does not work. It always exports text comments. There's no possible way, that I've found, to remove text comments. There's also no way to copy an entire line or book to the clipboard.
Hope these observations are of value.

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