Suggested additions?

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Suggested additions?

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Hi! I am loving bookup and wondered about a couple minor additional features that I thought might improve the training feature.

#1 on my wishlist is a 'difficult moves' study. Take a set of positions you are quizzing and have the program remember which ones you miss. Then have a setting that determines what is a difficult move, which could be a range of any position you have missed ever, to one's you, for example, miss 1/3 of the time. This way, you can zero in on key positions with more choices and study those extra until they are as well understood as the rest.

#2 I would love some additional statistics on my quizzed positions. I love that speed is included. That's awesome. But ultimately, it just says how many positions I have quizzed, not a % correctly answered on 1st try, or when the last date of a complete cycle was.

#3 I would love if there was a broader 'user statistics' for a person across multiple books. My complete repertoire is not in a single book, and I'd like to be able to study all the difficult moves of multiple books at once. When I know a position is from a certain book, it gives me a clue, so this way I wouldn't know that. I appreciate that I could create a new single book combining my old ones, but then that new book's edits don't affect the original book. Too easy to mess that up I believe.

Thank you for considering!

Forum users, any suggestions on your end? This is such a great product!
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Re: Suggested additions?

Post by Bookup »

I'm often thinking about how to provide more feedback from the training wizard. Thanks for the suggestions!
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