File Menu Commands

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File Menu Commands

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I don't understand the difference between:
"Import Ebook ..."
"Add Ebook ..."
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Re: File Menu Commands

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From Bookup 2000 .hlp file:

Add Book
Combining two Bookup books can be done in two ways. The simplest and fastest is to open the book
that you want to enlarge and select File|Add Book... Then select the book that you want to add to
the open book.

If opening codes, rate symbols or numeric assessments already exist for positions in the open book,
they will not be changed. The open book takes priority. If a position in the open book has no opening
code or rate symbol or numeric assessment then it will be updated by the book being imported. New
positions that are added to the open book will contain all of the information from the added book.

The more sophisticated way of combining two books is importing a book.

Import Book
You may want to add only part of a book to another book. You might also want to create a smaller
book by taking only part of its analysis (a process called pruning the tree). The Add Book feature will
rapidly add every position from one book to another. Unless you wish to prune or import only part of a
book, Add Book is the method of choice. Importing a book is a lengthier process than simply adding
one book to another.

To import the contents of another book into the open book, select File|Import Book... and select a
book that you want to import. Press OK to begin the process or Cancel to abort it.

Bookup imports the moves and comments, and also optionally imports any named positions. If you do
not wish to import this information, uncheck the Import the named positions.

Bookup allows you to ignore moves with green, yellow and/or red color codes. This is useful for
pruning a book. Before you begin using a color code to mark all the moves you don't want (so that you
can make a pruned version), you may want to clear the entire book of that color code to be sure other
moves are not accidentally ignored during the import. See Clearing Color Codes

You can limit the depth of plies when importing from another book by adjusting the Maximum Ply
Depth. For example, to import only the first 25 moves of another book, change this setting to 50 plies.

Bookup shows a progress bar during the import. If you choose to stop the import process, the result
will be a partially imported book.

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Re: File Menu Commands

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