comments have disapeared

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comments have disapeared

Post by davidlee »

My comments window has disappeared. I click on show comments but it does not appear. I have deleted my Bookup Professional and reinstalled to no avail. All the comment from all of my books cannot be found. I have minimized hoping the comments were hidden from view etc. Nothing.
What should I try next?
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Re: comments have disapeared

Post by MikeAtBookup »

This is in "Chess Openings Wizard 2016" support and it sounds like this is a problem with the old Bookup 2000.

Chances are the comment window has been minimized. If you cannot find an icon for that window in the lower area of your screen, then exit the program and try deleting the program preferences (that are storing the location of the comments window) by doing this:

Run regedit, the registry editor. Click the Windows Start button and type in regedit and press Enter.

Navigate to...
Bookup 2000 Professional

Right click on "Prefs BuildXX" (where XX is your current build number) and select Delete.

Restart Bookup 2000 and see that the comments window is now in its factory default setting, along with all other settings.

While Bookup 2000 will likely run well in the new versions of Windows (it was built for Windows XP) definitely consider upgrading to the newer Chess Openings Wizard which is constantly being updated and expanded.
Mike Leahy
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