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Macintosh download

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Hi--I registered using the "Sign Up for Free Trial of Chess Openings Wizard" fields on the Bookup home page so I could give COW a try. It sent me a link to the .exe file for the Windows, but I'm on a Mac, and I can't find any information on how to try the Mac version. There's a section in the Member's Area for COW Express for Macintosh but nothing in it.

So...I'm a little lost at this point. Is the free trial only available for Windows, or am I missing something?
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Re: Macintosh download

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Yes, the free trial is only available for Windows. The web site should say that as you sign up.

I am looking to discontinue the free trial as it is based on an older version of the program which gives an error message when run on Windows 10. It still runs okay but error messages are embarrassing.
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