COW on iOS - bug report

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COW on iOS - bug report

Post by ordinary_chessplayer »

build 43 on ios 12.1.1
landscape 1024 x 768

While working in COW in landscape, I put the iPad to sleep (closed the cover). After dinner, *before* waking the iPad, I flipped the iPad 180 degrees. I did this to more easily plug in the charger, thus flipping from landscape to landscape. But I did not plug in the iPad yet. After waking, the LANDSCAPE iPad was greeted by COW in PORTRAIT mode, but stretched horizontally and compressed vertically to "fit".

And an error message:
Cannot begin rendering scene for 'TContextIOS'
I pressed OK, the same error dialog reappeared.
I pressed OK again, no more error dialog.

To try to make COW usable, I turned the iPad to portrait, which caused a force quit of COW. Upon resumption, COW was normal again, except I had to reopen my book. I have not noticed any data loss from the previous session, so kudos for that.

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Re: COW on iOS - bug report

Post by MikeAtBookup »

I've not seen this bug. I'll have to repeat the charging and sleeping steps to see if I can replicate it here.
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