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Build 92 & congratulations to Mike

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 8:37 pm
by jott27
I have been absent from the Chess scene for a number of Years. The Build number of my last COW Pro was only in the pre 50 range. Wow, what a change since then. All my old accumulated games in the old COW format don't work anymore. But it did not take long to appreciate the progress that was made since the "old days". I just checked the membership list in this forum and noticed the absence of some of the early frequent contributers who were very active during the development days. The name of 'The Herbinator' still looms in my mind. There were lots of activities in these long ago times, resulting in very frequent and colorful verbal exchanges.
By now I am too old to get excited about Upmanship, but I am excited about the new program features. I only had very limited time to play with the new version, but so far I have to give it a solid +10.
Mike, I hope you will remember me from these early days. All the best to you and congratulation for a super good product.