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Edit pgn-files

Post by koltanowski »

Can I edit a pgn-file after I have imported it into COW?
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Re: Edit pgn-files

Post by jws555 »

Importing a pgn file into COW does not delete the pgn file. So you can edit a pgn after importing it.
Any changes made to the pgn file do not automatically get applied to the file in COW; if you want
the changes to appear in the COW file, you need to import it again.

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Re: Edit pgn-files

Post by FreeRepublic »

When I have a commented PGN file, I edit it prior to import. The idea is to show the author or source of the comment. For example, John Watson, Boris Avrukh, ChessPublishing, Encyclopedia of the Openints, etc. Here's how you do it:

1. Open the PGN file with some word processor or text editor.
2. Comments are preceded by { symbol. Do a "search and replace all" to change { to something like {John Watson:
3. Save your file as a PGN file.

That is the pre-editing.

Import the revised PGN file into COW. Now all comments will be attributed. You will know who said what.

It's important to automate this process as you may easily modify a thousand or more comments with the few simple steps shown above.
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