Burrito Club

I offered to let a few friends buy me lunch…


…and it got a little out of hand. 🙂

I do like my burritos.


Thanks for taking me to lunch!

Greg U.

William M.

William E. (twice!)

Ed L.

Douglas G.

Ruprecht H.

Richard R (twice!)

Salvador G (twice!)

Robert L.

Michael F.

James A.

Ketil J.

Douglas R. (three times!)

Dr. Peter M.

Chuck H.

Henry R.

Emmet O.

Michael L.

William R. (twice!)

Glenn T. (twice!)

Don W.

Henry R. (twice!)

Carl C.

David G.

James B. (twice!)

James D.

Richard T.

Jonathan T. (twice!)

John E.

Anita O.

William A. (three times!)

Sherwood M.

Keith A.

Ernesto D. G.

Edward L. 

Eric H. (twice!)

Geir E. (three times!)

Paul Y.

Harvey R.

Jose R.

Michael A. J.

John J.

Robert N.

Willem N.

John S.

Terry F. (twice!)

Javier G.

Robert G.

Marc W.

Armstrong Systems

Mark G.

John K.

Roberto M.

Eddie H.

Marjory E.

Paul B.

Daniel G.

Tim J.

Keith K. (twice!)

Edward Mc.

Daniel G.

John B.

Armando A. M.

Dan S. (three times!)

Christopher M (twice!)

David G.

Lars H. (twice!)

Wane I.

Leslie F.

Daniel N (twice!).

Nic K.

Mark K.

Greg S.

Ron T.

Roland K.

Tony R.

Dan O.

Ronald V L.

Jim C.

Tobias S.

Michael H.

Uwe Z. (twice!)

Rale W.

Romie C

David F

Nicola C

Fred H

Andrew C

Howard L

Peter D

William S

Dennis S

Graham R

Guillermo M

Anthony C

Marcos S

Ken W

Gary M

Norman C

John A

Bert B (twice!)

John S (twice!)

Edward T (twice!)

Larry D


William D (twice!)

Ryan B

Ronald S

Abraham A

Roy D

Leonard B (twice!)

Geoffrey B

Gregg S

Willie M

Johan G

Walt C

Gary Z

Peter T

Mauro P

Allan R (twice!)

Xavier B

Lazaro M

Ryan B

Michael E

John V

Leonard F (and the chess club)

Rowland C

David E

Eric H S

Larry W

Patsy D

Douglas S

Mark S

Donald W

Randy M

Lon T

Molly V

Leif W

Ronald G

Thomas K

Earl D

Eric O

Paul A

Frank G

Daniel G

Dene S

Eric H

Earl G

Andrew D

Juan Carlos S J

Troyce W

Randy F

Douglas T

Philip H (twice!)

Ray W

Anthony E


You guys rock! You keep me going with burritos and with great ideas on how to improve the next version. Thank you!

P.S. If you’re looking for the video showing the new magic function that watches your games online and shows you where the game departed from your repertoire the video is here…

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