Burrito Club

I offered to let a few friends buy me lunch…


…and it got a little out of hand. 🙂

I do like my burritos.


Thanks for taking me to lunch!

Wane I.

Ron T.

Roland K.

Tony R.

Dan O.

Ronald V L.

William A (twice!)

Jim C.

Tobias S.

Geir E.

Dan S.

Michael H.

Uwe Z.

Rale W.

Romie C

James B

David F

Nicola C

Fred H

Andrew C

Howard L

Peter D

Salvador G

William S

Dennis S

Graham R

Guillermo M

Anthony C

Marcos S

William E

Ken W

Gary M

Norman C

John A

Bert B

John S (twice!)

Edward T

Larry D


William D

Ryan B

Ronald S

Abraham A

Roy D

Leonard B

Geoffrey B

Gregg S

Willie M

Johan G

Walt C

Gary Z

Peter T

Mauro P

Allan R

Xavier B

Lazaro M

Ryan B

Michael E

John V

Leonard F (and the chess club)

Rowland C

David E

Eric H S

Larry W

Patsy D

Douglas S

Mark S

Donald W

Randy M

Lon T

Molly V

Leif W

Douglas R

Terry F

Ronald G

Thomas K

Earl D

Eric O

Christopher M

Paul A

Frank G

Daniel G

Dene S

Eric H

Earl G

Andrew D

Juan Carlos S J

Troyce W

Randy F

Douglas T

Philip H

Ray W

Anthony E


You guys rock! You keep me going with burritos and with great ideas on how to improve the next version. Thank you!