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Bookup News as of Sunday September 6, 2009
The New Program

The successor to Bookup 2000 is  Chess Openings Wizard and it supports playback of audio and video.  This new version lets you record audio just as easily as you now add a comment.The Professional version soon will allow you to add video and synchronize it with moves and marks on the diagram.

The graphic user interface (GUI) is updated to match the latest MasterChess 6000 and Susan Polgar Teaches Chess.

There are multiple high resolution (sharp on large screens) 2D diagram sets.

The new delivery system allows you to download the latest version of the program any time on any computer.  Not even a hard drive crash will slow you down (outside of the time it takes to repair or replace your computer).

What’s the difference?

There are three versions…

Free – 30 day Express Trial and then “read only”

Express – $67 for the core repertoire design and editing functions

Professional – $197 for those who want overnight analysis, ability to combine ebooks, print, publish and do much more with their data.

Are you getting your email announcements?If you have a registered version of Bookup 2000 or Chess Openings Wizard and you are not getting Mike’s emails on program updates, check your spam folder.  If you’re still not receiving them, email Mike directly at…mike at bookupmembers dot com
It took 6 years to complete and the COW program has replaced Bookup 2000.

Mike Leahy

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