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Welcome fellow chess programmer!

Over the last 20 years of coding, I’ve always wished for a sample of working code that would show me the way.  If you’re looking to create chess software and you want to save yourself tons of time and energy on the graphics, engine integration, database, etc. then consider purchasing the Chess Openings Wizard Professional source code.

Here are the details:

You should be an owner of Chess Openings Wizard Professional. Although you can certainly compile your own copy with the source code, you’ll want to have the actual released version to avoid confusion. And purchasing the source code is not a way to get the program at a discount. 🙂

You should be proficient in Delphi. As of this writing, COW is written in Delphi 12 (January 2024).  If you program in another language, the source code could still benefit you, provided you can understand pascal. C programmers should have few problems.

The program uses third party libraries. BTree Filer 5.5x and SQLite3 are used for database engines.  Orpheus 3 is used for GUI enhancements. Most libraries are free (with source) from sourceforge or other sources. TMS FNC Cloud Pack is used to support Google Drive and Dropbox. There are compiler directives to omit the registration system code.

I will support you at the source code level. While I can’t teach programming or help you with new projects, I can answer your questions about code snippets.

You can’t create a product that competes with COW. If you create products that complement and/or enhance our programs, bless you! You are free to do that. You’d agree that it is unfair though to have access to all of Bookup’s “trade secrets” and then create similar chess openings software products.

You are free to use Bookup’s graphics provided you give credit in your program. COW’s pieces have been used in ICC interfaces, screen savers and many other chess programs.

You are entitled to updates at no charge for one year. You’re welcome to any revisions that I am making.

If all that sounds good to you then… Order the Source Code

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