ICC/Dasher 3

What if a program could watch your internet games as they’re being added to the PGN file, and then tell you where you or your opponent played a new move?

What if the same program offered instant computer analysis so you could decide whether the new move is good?

What if your games could also be automatically moved to a database of your games for use in ChessBase, Chess Assistant or Chess Openings Wizard?

Imagine all this research and file work was done for you. You would be effortlessly shown where the new move was played in your last game. You could get instant computer analysis if you like, and your games would automatically be added to whatever game database you use.

If it were that easy, would you be curious about where the new move was played? Then would you decide whether the new move is good or bad, and promise never to make the same mistake again?

Because you’re reading about professional chess software, I know you’re the kind of player who would want to learn from each game.

If it were really that easy.

Let me show you how easy it can be.. Which interface do you use?

ICC’s Dasher

USChess Live


(none of the above)

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