ICC/Dasher 4

I updated my Chess Openings Wizard Express program to automatically send my White games to one repertoire ebook and my Black games to another ebook. (This was a wonderful suggestion by a number of COW users.)

Now when I finish my game on the internet chess club, I flip to Chess Openings Wizard and choose Games|Check Watched Game Files and instantly I see where the game ventured into new territory. If I’m confused I click on Crafty for a computer’s opinion. Then I colorcode the move to signify whether or not I want to repeat this variation.

Then I go back and play more games. With this simple discipline, I can grow stronger every time I play. That sick feeling I used to get when I played the same mistake game after game is gone, gone, gone.

I’ve packed a lot into Chess Openings Wizard Express, and I think you’ll be amazed at what it can do.

And I personally guarantee you will love the program or I will buy it back from you.

I want Chess Openings Wizard Express now

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Get the Express version for Macintosh or Windows

Get the Express version for Macintosh or Windows

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