ICC/Dasher 6

I have friends who play chess on the net for at least an hour a day. They are constantly increasing their skill level just because they take it so seriously!

Compared to playing at a club or tournament, there are few distractions while playing on the net. You can find different players at your skill level any time day or night. You start a new game faster than you can set up the pieces.

To develop your game in the way I’m about to describe, it’s critical to be able to test and refine your ideas against solid competition as often and as quickly as possible. I just don’t know where to find that class of ready competition other than on the net.

I’d recommend joining the Internet Chess Club. They seem to have the largest crowd of tournament strength players and grandmasters along with the best server and interface program. They’re also the priciest, but you get what you pay for!

If you’re getting your practice somewhere other than on the net, you can still benefit greatly from the approach I want to tell you about so…

Assume you’re an avid internet chess player 🙂

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