Think Like a Grandmaster

Thank you for watching the Kotov video.

And thank you for being one of the few players who want to do the work.

I promised you a power tool to make the work easier.

And this is the super fancy page I promised you with links to get Chess Openings Wizard:

For the Professional version for Windows click here.

For the Professional version for Macintosh click here.

For the Express version for Windows click here.

For the Express version for Macintosh click here.

Q: Can I start with the Express version and later upgrade?

A: Yes, and you can do it without penalty. As an Express member you can log in and use a private link to get the Professional version and will reduce the price by the $67 you paid for COW Express.

Q: Will I get the 45 minutes with Mike on the phone or Skype if I get the Express version.

A: No, that is only for new Professional members.

Q: Does the usual guarantee apply?

A: Yes it does. You could buy the the program and if in the first 60 days for some reason you aren’t satisfied that it will work for the way you study then email me for a refund – and you still get to keep the software.

Q: Is Chess Openings Wizard copy protected?

A: No. It requires a product key which you will get immediately after ordering via email. You are free to install it on up to three computers that you use personally.

Q: Can I get into the beta testing of the Android or iPad version?

A: Yes, as long as you have the Professional version of COW for Macintosh or Windows you can be added to the beta test program.

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