This error means that your mobile device (iPad, Android) could not find the chess engine server on your local network. Possible reasons include:

  • The chess engine server is not running on your Windows or Macintosh. You must run the engine first.
  • The server is not running on the same network as your tablet. Be sure to run the server on the same network that offers WiFi to your mobile device.
  • A firewall is preventing the chess engine server from communicating with mobile devices. Often security software for Windows and Macintosh will prevent programs from accessing the internet. If Windows or Macintosh did not ask for your permission for the app to access the internet when you first ran it, then your security software may be stopping the server from accessing the internet. Adjust your firewall settings to give the chess engine server permission to access the internet.

If you have not installed a COW Chess Engine Server on your Windows or Macintosh computer, download one here.

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