Training Wizard

You will learn your chess openings faster with Chess Openings Wizard’s training wizard in the Professional version and in the registered Express version.

You can train and test yourself systematically against an entire ebook of thousands of positions. The training wizard works behind the scenes, repeating the lines you missed, making sure you know your openings and cover the entire ebook.

You can choose exactly where in the tree you want to begin training and how many times you want to be tested on each position. The wizard keeps track as you learn.

With the training wizard you will cover your entire repertoire ebook systematically even if you choose random play. (The wizard can also play each line in order, so that you learn the main lines first.)

The training wizard remembers which positions you’ve played correctly (and how many times) and you can reset the wizard’s memory after adding new moves.

Watch the Training Wizard video

Guarantee: I personally guarantee that the training wizard will slash your opening study time and triple the amount of theory you have at your fingertips or I’ll give you a refund.

Michael Leahy – The Database Man

Download the Professional version for $197

Download the Express version for $67.

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Watch the Training Wizard video

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