Speed learning may not work for you

Time to come clean.

There is a problem with the “Speed Learning” function in the Chess Openings Wizard Professional program.

The approach does not work for everyone.

(Hang with me here.  It will make the difference in your pursuit to memorize thousands of chess positions.)

If you’ve ever taken a speedreading course, you know that they push you to go faster until you can no longer hear the words in your head.  Then you jump from the usual 300 words a minute to about 800 words per minute – and you often have better comprehension.

It all happens in a single leap from one plateau to another.

Unless you stick to it long enough to make the leap, all your effort is wasted.

For total mastery, you then keep pushing until you make another huge leap.  Lather, rinse and repeat until you find yourself reading faster than you can turn the pages like those guys on television.

So at the risk of talking you out of trying the Professional version of Chess Openings Wizard for ten bucks, you might want to take a look at this report (apparently commissioned by NASA) on Photoreading (the methods of which are essential to the program’s upcoming ’speed learning’ feature):


As you’ll see in the report, the author tried Photoreading and did not get any benefits.

And I’m fully aware that some chess players will try the Professional program and not get the benefits.  But I wanted you to be fully informed before you invest your time and ten bucks.

Obviously I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about this if I didn’t believe that it creates amazing results when studying chess openings.

But if I fail to convince new customers to stick with it long enough to jump to the next plateau, this whole thing could blow up in my face.  Stay tuned…

The $10 trial offer for the $197 Professional COW program with Speed Learning and Speed Testing opens Friday at noon.

Did you see the video that shows how you can memorize thousands of the best moves? It’s on YouTube here.

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