Terror in the Opening

So you’re not quite ready to feel the excitement (terror?!) of watching your opponent make his way through the minefield of your opening preparation?

No problemo!

You probably already have tools you’re using to prepare anyway. Lots of players do this with a game database like ChessBase.

It’s not quite as easy with a game database. And because it’s not as easy, most players give up after their ratings hit a plateau for a while.

(I’ve been making chess opening software for 38 years so I’ve seen the patterns.)

And I know you’re not giving up because, well, you’re reading this. 🙂

My job is to make it as easy as possible for you. That’s why I was thrilled to publish the Android, iPhone, and iPad versions. There’s nothing easier than testing your preparation while waiting for your food in a restaurant. I love doing that.

But you might have questions that I haven’t answered. Maybe you’re wondering why I don’t push the Professional version right from the start. Maybe you’re just wondering if the programmer actually answers his own email. Drop me a line and find out.

Or give me a call at 614-321-5345. Even with 66,000 players using my software, I still try to take phone calls.

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