Thanks for signing up.

Mike here. I appreciate that you signed up to help beta test the upcoming Chess Openings Wizard with lichess integration.

The most important thing we’re trying to accomplish is this: the instant you end your game on lichess, your Chess Openings Wizard will open your repertoire and take you to the position where you (or your opponent) played a move that is not in your book.

This has the potential to make every game on lichess a learning experience, strengthening your opening for White and your defenses for Black.

Look for an email from me soon. Some emails will be automatic so if you find one in your Promotions folder please drag that email to your Primary folder so that future emails won’t be sent to spam.

P.S. When you enter your lichess player name into Chess Openings Wizard, be sure to type it exactly as it appears on the server. For example, my handle is Bookup but if I type in bookup it won’t work. (This will be fixed in the final release.)