Cool, so you’re a tournament player.

I’ve been making this software for 36 years (it used to be called Bookup). Over the years some excellent teachers have created ebooks of complete opening repertoires that can walk you through the variations and show you why you should play them. That makes them easy to remember because you understand why those moves are played.

And if you like memorizing openings, the training wizard is the best tool available for a club player.

You will save some time by purchasing some of our ebooks.

You can also create a repertoire ebook by importing games that match your current repertoire. Here is a video of a master who did that with Kasparov games as black so that he could learn how to play the Sicilian like Kasparov: YouTube video on PGN importing for masters

That video covers importing PGN and how to use the training wizard function.

If you’re ready to jump in with Chess Openings Wizard Professional, here are links to

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If you’d rather try the Express version, it has everything you need at the beginner level to start learning openings fast. It’s the more popular choice mostly because it’s cheaper but mainly because it has all the tools you’ll need to start out.

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