Cool, so you’re at least a master.

I’ve been making this software for 36 years (it used to be called Bookup) and I’ve tailored it to the requests of some extremely strong players.

While you may save some time by purchasing some of our ebooks, chances are the best thing you can do is export your games as White and as Black into two different PGN files and import the moves of those files into Chess Openings Wizard ebooks.

You can also create a repertoire ebook by importing games that match your current repertoire. Here is a video of a master who did that with Kasparov games as black so that he could learn how to play the Sicilian like Kasparov: YouTube video on PGN importing for masters

That video covers importing PGN and how to use the training wizard function.

If you’re ready to jump in with Chess Openings Wizard Professional, here are links to

Purchase the Windows version

Purchase the Macintosh version