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Bobby Fischer's Chess Opening Secret


MasterChess 5000 is a game database that also plays chess. Use it to research master games that played your favorite chess opening. Play against it to test your strength. Check your endings with the perfect endgame tablebases.

MasterChess 5000 is available on DVD with the 3, 4, and 5 piece Nalimov endgame tablebases and 1,300,000 games in a high speed format.  Get instant analysis from Ruffian and play against Ruffian using Fischer clocks and more.  Order directly from the producer for $24 plus shipping.

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MasterChess 4000 is still available on CD ROM. Take a tour

If you're attempting to craft the absolute best chess openings then a game database like MasterChess is essential.

Howard Lederer and Dan Harrington are both former chess masters that moved on to play at the best real money poker sites. They were easily able to transition from chess to poker and are staples of U.S. poker sites. If you play chess, you may want to add poker to your games list.


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