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Bobby Fischer's Chess Opening Secret

Chess Openings Wizard

Chess Openings Wizard comes in a Professional version ($197 via download) and an Express download version for $67 and a free Lite version.

Compare all three versions.

These features are for Chess Openings Wizard Professional:

Intensive systematic training of your openings.

Watches PGN files (such as Blitzin's log) and automatically imports games after you've played them on the internet and takes you directly to the novelty.

Uses Winboard engines and UCI. Crafty and Ruffian are included.

Converts your existing books automatically.

Reads and writes huge annotated PGN files.

Exports complete books to PGN.

Game statistics for each search.

Find games that match the current line while viewing opening moves.

One click adds all moves that transpose.

Color codes moves. Use it to highlight your preferred repertoire or your most recently played ICC game, etc.

Reads games directly from MasterChess 6000 (1,400,000 games on DVD ROM, sold separately).

Includes the C.A.P. data (Joy of Chess) of computer opening analysis.

Prints diagrams with the included diagram and figurine fonts.

Handles databases up to 20GB.

Supports long file names for books.

Diagrams can highlight squares with dots and arrows.

Automatic translation of all leaf node numerical evaluations into their equivalent Informant symbol. (more power tools)

Novelties can be found by automatically comparing computer assessments with Informant symbols. (more power tools)

Adds engine analysis as a new line in the book.

Generates a PGN game for every possible path in a book.

Shows up to three Informant assessment symbols for a position, one set by the author, another for the optimum backsolve and a third that matches engine analysis.

Sorts the Joy of Chess candidates in ascending/descending order.

Can open books in view-only or 'read-only' mode.

Handles mirror and color reversal positions and can generate them on the fly.

Purge/prune ebooks by importing an ebook and optionally ignoring selected color codes.

2D diagram has four fonts and makes huge diagrams for large monitors.

Certainty in the evaluation.

Separate comments for the ebook and the loaded game.

Any ebook will mark the candidates of the loaded game so you can compare any PGN game to any opening ebook.

Can backsolve ebooks to discover critical lines and analysis errors automatically.

Benefits of Chess Openings Wizard

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